Thursday, February 20, 2014

And I Will Rescue You

No sooner had I pushed 'Publish' on Tuesday's post about the Lil' Dude and her sick day proclamation did the school nurse call. 

'Lil' Dude is back down here again. She was in around 10am but barely registered a temp. Now, she's still around 100* but she said if I called, you would come.'

I didn't even hesitate. I rushed out of my office ... The office I finally stepped foot in after 10 or 11 days, mind you, with a to-do list six miles long and worse.

Long story short, she was fine. Talking a mile a minute on the way home, planning her snack and what her and I would do when we settled in. False, kid. Mama's got piles of crap to do. And you're grounded.

I could have left her at school ... The nurse said she could stay in the infirmary without issue until the bell. But I kept thinking of how I told her that very morning; if you need me, I can be there. Two shakes. It was more on me than it was on her. I made a conscious decision to be true to my word. A little putting my money where my mouth is, so to speak. 

I tell that kid a 1,000 things a day. I bet she hears 996 of that. But if the four items she retains relate to me not letting her down ... To proving her right ... To maintaining her faith in my Super Mamahood ... Then I am doing something right. 

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