Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Three Little Words

I know it's been forever- like, a hot forever.

You graduated from Pre-K.
And I cried.

You were your Godfather's flower girl.
And I cried.

I sold all 4,000 of your baby items on a garage sale.
And I cried.

You rode your bike sans training wheels.
And I cried.

You attended your first funeral (that you'll remember).
And I cried.

You jumped off the diving board.
And I cried.

You lost your first tooth.
And I cried.

And so on. Life is basically just happening over here and we're riding its current. I'm hyper-aware of everything, and immune to nothing. I wanted this summer to last forever, since you're getting on the golden school bus in like, six damn weeks. But, summer is not lasting forever. In fact, it's sprinting toward September with the agility and grace of a marathoner from a third-world country.

Something fantastic happened though a week ago or so.
You were at Camp Grandma, take 2, happily minding your own business and getting spoiled and swimming your face off and buying new shoes and headbands and eating ice cream with Grandpa and going to parades when one evening you told your Grandma, "I Miss Mommy."

Three little words.
And I cried.
But those three little words- And I Cried- shouldn't surprise you or anyone reading this.
Crying? That's my jam. It's my second language and first defense and middle name.
Sorry; not sorry.

But you missed me ... your Mama. It took five and a half years, but you missed me. And since you came home 10 days ago, you really can't get enough of me.

Oh. I am Soaking. That. Up.

It's like you knew I needed you at this stage in my life. Your blond head still fits perfectly under my chin, your chippy-nail polished hands in mine, and when I pick you up your legs clamp around my waist in perfect lock.

We have a few other sweetnesses planned for this Eternal Summer.
I'm going to try very hard to not And I Cried in the back-to-school aisle of Target, but no promises, kid. Don't be embarrassed. Be compassionate and empathetic and quick to suggest Starbucks when I do. Sweetnesses like things we both love ... sun, water, coffee, books, lyrics, whipped cream, shopping, sleeping, yoga, sunglasses ... we're going to make summer last into forever.

Mama loves.

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