Thursday, April 4, 2013

33; You Must Not Know About Me

Remember being a kid and thinking your Mom was so mysterious? Well- I want the lil' dude to know her Mama inside and out. She's already on her way, but here's 33 fun facts about me on my 33rd birthday.

1. I am on my third last name.

2. I love cursing.

3. I've been asthmatic since 1997; I run with an inhaler tucked into my bra.

4. I favor odd numbers.

5. I've had acrylic nails for 10 years.

6. My dream job would be in marketing/PR/promotion of a major sports team; preferably the NBA.

7. - Is my favorite number- originally, it was 21. Until, at age 27 I gave birth to the lil' dude on 12/7/07, at 12:37pm. Her due date was 11/27. And my heart grew 7 sizes that day.

8. I love really bad jokes. Like, how does Batman know it's time to eat? His mom says, "dinna dinna dinna dinna dinna dinna dinna dinna dinna dinna dinna dinna BATMAN!"

9. I name all my vehicles- Rhonda the Honda, Tara the Solara, Jack the Pontiac, Bree the Camry, &  Blanche the Avalanche. I know.

10. I lived with my Grandparents until I was 3; it's probably why I am so sentimental, nostalgic, and obsessed with random junk & thrifted finds.

11. No one in America will ever make me give up my coffee, creamer, & whipped cream.

12. Or, whiskey.

13. I like cheap shampoo, sunglasses, & camis. I love expensive handbags, mascara, & jeans.

14. I have an insane memory. Both a blessing and a curse.

15. Action movies are my #1 genre; The Fast & The Furious ... Sexology, or whatever you call all six films, are my Huckleberry. 50 days until the 6th one opens in the box office.

16. I cannot stand clutter & live in a very organized, efficient home complete with several inches of dust and dog hair.

17. Magazine subscriptions are like little sessions of free therapy in my mailbox.

18. Goats are inexplicably my favorite animal.

19. Gray is inexplicably my favorite color.

20. I have loved Nike since 1983.

21. My favorite part of traveling is the giant, king-sized hotel beds with crispy, white, bleached linens.

22. Shirley MacLaine is my favorite actress; Anna Kendrick, Kate Mara, & Emma Stone are the newbies I love.

23. I was a tomboy until I graduated from college; I could rock an Air Jordan tee, Gap rugby shirt, or Tarheels hoodie like it was my j-o-b back in the day. With unkempt eyebrows and bitten-to-the-quick fingernails.

24. I love to throw parties and coordinate events. Clipboards and mic sets turn me on.

25. I truly and honestly wish I could sing and/or dance. Dance for sure.

26. I cried buckets of tears when the 'One Tree Hill' series finale aired; I could not watch its recording until three months post airing. That show raised me.

27. I am deathly afraid of three things: wearing lipstick, lighting gas grills, & putting air in tires.

28. Dude is one of my favorite words of all time, unfortunately.

29. I've never loved anything more than my kid.

30. I have a dangerous, admitted love of the natural sun.

31. I speed-read; my 2nd grade teacher 'diagnosed' me & I've been reading like a fool ever since.

32. I got kicked out of Brownies for talking. I got kicked out of Confirmation for talking. I got kicked out of choir for being a poor singer. I got kicked out of my college's school of business for a lousy GPA. I got kicked out of a bar on my 21st birthday for vomiting on my new Abercrombie shirt.

33. I like myself a hell of a lot more now than I did at age 23.

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