Wednesday, February 27, 2013

That's What She Said

I am sure when people witness me with the lil' dude, my phone firmly in my hand, they assume I'm just like every other overworked and over-connected parent in the world.
Well, I am not.
I mean ... yes. I am overly-connected. Guilty.

But when it comes to time with my daughter, I am avidly documenting every single she says, thinks, does, and looks like with that phone. I have a note started that has her Quotes of the Day on it. I have 4,000 pictures of her. I don't ever, ever want to forget her nuances, creativity, fears whether legit or not, or misheard lyrics. Phone in hand; baby girl in heart.

Here are some of my current fave lil' dude-isms:

At my bedside one sunny morning, Do you have pants on under there? If you don't I am not getting in with you. 

On seeing Kim Kardashian on TV, She is SO pretty! But where did she come from?

On having the sun in her face when it was -2* outside, The sun is NOT doing its job today! It's out but I am still freezing!

Driving down a stomach-dropping hill, Whoa! That made my tushy worried!

On her Daddy's skills, If he built the Beagle's doghouse, why couldn't he build a barn for my real-life horse?

On why Saturday morning basketball isn't very awesome, I figured it out, Mama. It's because there is NO music in that gym!

On being asked to be her Godfather's Flower Girl in May, If I don't get to wear a flower actually in my hair, I don't get why they call it that?

On listening to CeeLo Green's newest song, Mama ... he says a BAD word in that song! I want to tell you what it is ... can I if it's bad? Well ... he said (as I brace for the eff-bomb or worse) ... stupid!

On future plans, I hope (Bestie) E. goes to college with me. I want to French braid her hair in the dorm.

On her new, kiwi-flavored and green GoGurt, Ummmm, the blueberries are rotten in this. I won't eat it!

On possessions, When can we have that garage sale to sell my baby stuff? I want a new American Girl cat and bed and my piggy bank is out of paper money. (over her mother's dead body)

On anything, everything, and all the time, I am freaking out. I am going to freak out.

On her Daddy's singing skills, Daddy you are cancelled from singing all girl songs Mama and me like on the radio.

On practical uses, handing me back her banana 10 minutes after she wanted to eat it, Well, I didn't want to eat it ... I just wanted to know what it was like to hold with the peeler open.

On infinite love, I love you to the universe ... because it's bigger than the earth.

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