Thursday, November 22, 2012

Gratitude ... 2012

Happy Thanksgiving from the 316!

Besides being eternally grateful for family, friends, health, and everyday, this year we are particularly thankful for:

Drive-through coffee; Kevin Love's return; mustard yellow; Gap pajamas; Great-Grandma's and their handwritten letters; plastic giraffes, goats, and turtles; New Christmas lights; Boeheim returning for another season; Sundays at home; Instagram; Of Monsters & Men; Twirly dresses and coordinating tights; Sequins anywhere, any color; Beagles; Belly laughs; Target Clearance; Stickers; Magic Hat #9; Crockpot soup recipes; Hoodies; The Black Keys; Movie Nights; November sun; Text messaging; Inappropriate Humor; Jax Teller; Carhartt stocking hats; Smoked turkey; Camisoles; Four-year-old drama; New razors; Colonial candles; Striped socks; Magazine subscriptions; iPods; A full calendar; Gymnastics; Hairspray; Manicures; The Ultimate Sports Bar & Grill; Art projects; Besties; Inside jokes; Greek yogurt; Gray flannel pants; Chippy paint; Philosophy; BBQ sauce; Radar apps;; Sleep; Cardigans; Holiday movies; AppleJacks; EasyMac; Tattoos; Running; Scarves, scarves, scarves; cashews; Peppermint mochas; lunch dates; The New Girl; To-do lists; love, laughter, life, & light.

Mama loves.

Photo Courtesy The Lovely & Talented Auntie Mo

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