Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The PreK Diaries

Ask her how many sleeps it is until her 5th birthday, she'll tell you.
52 days.

This was the lil' dude a year ago as a newbie preschooler.

Here she is this year, as a seasoned veteran in PreK.

Shocking difference, right? She went from a baby-faced kid to a self-assured half-grown lady in the span of 12 months. It took my breath away, seeing her smiling face wrapped in cellophane in her cubby yesterday. We battled in true girl fashion over her wardrobe for picture day this year- she won. I constantly need to remind myself what my aunt- Mama to three awesome teenagers- told me when I commented on something my daughter was doing to make me crazy over the summer ... "major the major and minor the minor," which basically means choose your battles. Headbands are definitely not major.

Favorite food: Mac & cheese (just like her Mama's entire childhood)
Favorite movie: The Little Mermaid
Favorite song: Anything by Rihanna
Favorite color: purple
Best friend: E.
What she wants to be when she grows up: A basketball player
Favorite activity: Gymnastics
Favorite book: Spot Goes to School (because she can read/memory it to us!)
Favorite day: getting coffee, watching movies, wearing dresses, walking the Beagle
Favorite store: Fleet Farm for plastic animals
Favorite subject at school: Alone time at the easel

Routine before bed includes practicing her handstands for gymnastics, and reciting flashcards for spelling and reading. The way her wicked-powerful memory works ... she's beginning to memorize words which makes me realize I need to buy entirely new packs. On our way home last night, she spewed a made-up sentence to me and asked if it was Spanish. I told her, no. No bueno.

This morning I whispered my Mama things to her as I dropped her off. You know, a typical Tuesday mantra of have fun, be kind, try hard, help your people. This morning, she turned to me and whispered her mantra to me. Mama, you go to the library today to find Spanish books so we can learn that, OK? Please, Mama? 

"Sí, querida niña. Te lo prometo."

Never a dull day at our house, and how typical of my caped crusader of a kid- from zero to 60 in 5.2 ... she's learning to read in English and now wants to learn how to call to her dog in a second language. She's the Michael Phelps of life, this kid.

Never a dull day.

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