Monday, September 10, 2012

Letter from Mama; v.PreK

Darling daughter;

Today was your very last first day of preschool. Next year at this time, a scant year from now, you'll be my Mighty Kindergartner ... something you've dreamed of since you were at least three and a half.

You were so excited this morning - experiencing Open House meant you had the knowledge your classroom, teacher, and aide were the same from last year. You were in a mixed 3/4's last year; this year straight 4's with a few 5's sprinkled in. You're one of the oldest (and tallest!) in your class. I talked to an older man last week who asked me about my kids and if they were in school. I mentioned your December birthday and how anxious you were to ride the bus, and he took the time to mention how he and his wife waited to send their November-birthday son (now in his '30s) until he was five on the first day of school. He told me it was the best decision they ever made, and how they truly believed he had been on the fast-track and ahead of the curve his whole life since his days as an older kindergartner in that classroom. So, kill, Kid Rock. It's yours to rule.

I told you last night we could have breakfast at Starbucks as a treat before class this morning. When you woke up and got ready, you declared skipping breakfast and heading straight to school was your plan instead. How can I be raising a Starbucks skipper? But I get your (mild) anxiety and charged attitude for something new. We marched into school.

Now, please remember to stay polite. Because you've been there, done that before doesn't mean you get to run that town. You're still the pupil. Be patient with your friends, your new friends, and both teachers. Don't run to greet me at pickup; simply because it's against the law. Remember to take turn at the easels that you like to occupy too much, and don't hoard the rubber frogs, plastic fish, or stuffed dogs. Try all new snacks, keep paint, paint, painting, and raise your hand. Wish everyone a good morning and talk to everyone. You don't have to like them, but you have to be kind. As your buddy JW's Mama says, "Don't be an asshole," and I think that pretty much sums up my advice for your year in PreK.

I am proud of you, and rooting for you, and think you're the most crazy-awesome kid. Have fun.

Mama loves.

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