Sunday, May 13, 2012

I Never

I never knew the words to every single song on the Mamma Mia! soundtrack.
I never pressed repeat on Take a Chance on Me 47 times in one evening.
I never asked a pharmacist at Target- the really handsome one- where Miralax is kept.
I never took days off work for zoo fieldtrips.
I never found sequins and glitter stuck to most everything I own.
I never went to three separate grocery stores looking for Cars II Cheez-Its.
I never willingly gave up the whipped cream off my mochas.
I never stopped the car to watch horses run in the pasture, rendering me late for everything.
I never cried when my friends announced pregnancies.
I never wrote Kraft Mac & Cheese on the menu board twice in one week.
I never wrangled such small dresses onto even tinier plastic princesses.
I never knew I couldn't fall asleep without placing a hand on a beating chest.
I never did laundry late at night so I could sneak an important blanket in and out of bed.
I never knew pride actually made your chest swell and eyes water.
I never knew the importance of sour cream at each and every meal.
I never thought the best Fridays nights were Target runs, pizza, and sidewalk chalk.
I never knew the most important thing in my handbag would always be baby wipes.
I never knew fear.
Hope. Challenge. Purpose. Forgiveness. Contentment.
Until you made me a Mama.
Today I celebrate Mother's Day with the reason why.
With coffee, whipped cream, CMT, and gifted ceramic birds.
I love you, sweet girl.
You're my everything.
Thank you for making me a Mama.
Thank you, thank you.
Mama loves.


Jeni said...

Ha, such a true post :). Happy Mother's Day, love the picture too!

Jessica aka Mommy said...

Happy Mother's Day--this post made me cry! SO true :) I hope you had a blessed day.