Friday, February 17, 2012

How Can It Be

The February sun is becoming more and more flirtatious. We've had the best winter ever.
Well, not ever.
Since the start of WWI, though.
The mildness of this season has been good- for everyone and everything.

So, the lil' dude has already been riding her bike the past few weeks. Her and I were home alone yesterday afternoon, and after she self-requested a nap, and then slept for 3 straight hours, I kept my promise and we headed outside.

While she slept, I quickly called my Mama to ask her how to use my fabulous new French press the Dad bought me for Valentine's Day. I mentioned our impending bike ride, and she said, "She can ride her tricycle the entire walk?"

I told her no, she rides her Little Mermaid bike, a regular 2-wheeler (plus training wheels) she brought home from her grandparents' last summer.

"A real bike? How can it be?"

Trust me, I don't know the answer. She pulled on her Uggs, turned on her iPod, and I laced up my shoes and harnessed the Beagle. Away we went into that delicious sun.

And I had to really, really move it to keep up with her. She can steer, pick up pedaling when presented with an incline, and sing out loud while obeying most pedestrian traffic laws.

How can it be?

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