Thursday, November 17, 2011

New Music Thursday

This morning, my two best people were at Target when it opened so they could make Mama's day with this album.
Now that is my love language!
When I picked the lil' dude up from school, she said, Daddy and I went to Target. For your music. Did he give it to you?

I thanked her, and said yes.
She said, you're welcome.

The liner notes say, There is great comfort in a favorite sweater, scarf, or stocking cap. As Minnesotans, we know a bit about these things. We also find comfort in music. The kind of comfort that thrills and fills the soul with warmth and hope. The Cities 97 Sampler strives to provide both kinds of comfort. With music that feeds the soul, and proceeds that feed the hungry, clothe the poor, and give comfort to adults, and animals throughout Minnesota. Thank you again and again for bringing us at Cities 97 great comfort in knowing that this annual compilation of Studio C performances means so much to you.

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