Monday, September 12, 2011

Letter From Mama

Hi, sweetest girl.
How long has it been since I wrote you a letter?
Too long, I'm afraid.

As I think and type, you lie sleeping. Tomorrow is your first day of preschool. I don't know where to begin.
Yes, yes I do. I am so proud of you. I am so excited for you. I am only minimally anxious and scared.
Preschool. Unbelievable.
Your Auntie E. said this week, "in two short years our daughters will be starting kindergarten!" Two years? You're nearly four. I know how time work, I see how time flies. Together, we just keep wracking up the milestones, don't we.

I can picture you in the morning, sitting at a tiny table in front of your name. Your enormous eyes will be wide, and scanning. You'll be quiet, shy with trepidation. I am not worried about how you'll interact with your peers. I know the kind of friend you are, the kind and loving and happy little girl who naturally draws people to her everywhere you go. You're going to be fine.

Don't pick your nose.
Don't stay quiet when someone asks your name.
Don't forget to say thank you.
Don't walk out of the bathroom with your pants around your ankles.
Don't interrupt.
Don't forget to have fun.

In all my years, your Papa has always said to me, "Be good."
When I was younger, he meant behavior-wise.
As I left home and navigated college and career, he meant actions and decisions.
Now, he means at life.
Be a good wife, mother, friend, neighbor, employee, co-worker, member of society.

So I am starting that with you, too.

Be good, lil' dude.

Tomorrow is your first day of preschool.
In a cruel twist of reality, your Mama will be on a flight bound for Dallas for work instead of holding your hand all the way to your classroom. It breaks my heart, and I've apologized more than necessary. But, you and Daddy will be just fine, as you always are. At your place at the dinner table tonight will be your favorite meal, cooked by Daddy. There will be sparkly cupcakes- and go ahead, honey, eat the icing off all six. I give you, my big preschooler, full permission to do just that! And from your Mama, a small present and card- a special treat I know you are going to love. You're never far from my mind, baby girl, and always in my heart in everything I do.

Mama loves.

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Jessica aka Mommy said...

Awww, I hope she enjoys her first day. You're a great momma--she is so lucky.