Tuesday, June 7, 2011


You are three and a half today, lil' dude.
I have been a Mama for 42 months.
36 months ago, you got your first tooth.
I cried.
You have your second dentist appointment next week.
24 months ago, you were still wearing diapers.
12 months ago, you started wearing underwear for the rest of your life.
I cried.

How can I sum you up at three and a half?
You've been at Papa and Grandma G's since Sunday. I have only had one report since you left, and it sums you up at three and a half:

"The lil' dude changed her name to Sally and has worn nothing except "patchstick" (chapstick) all day."

You're so my kid.
And I am so damn lucky.

Love you, Sally.
Have a fun week in the woods with your peeps.
Say hi to all the animals.

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