Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Biggest Little Fan

When I was growing up, admittedly I was a tomboy. I loved basketball more than anything. When I was three and four, I was allowed bench access at all my aunt's home games. I was hooked from a very early age. To this day, my grandma likes to tell the story of me running circles in her kitchen, blowing an imaginary whistle, pretending to be a referee.

As I got older, I had my favorite players. I loved Chris Webber from his days in the Fab Five. (To this day, I love seeing him commentating on NBA games!) I loved Penny Hardaway and wore his shoes. Of course I liked Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller, and Nick Van Exel.

It seems you are following in my footsteps. Your very first favorite basketball player is Kevin Love. You love Love.

Friday night you and Daddy headed to Target Center to sit in good seats. You proudly wore your new jersey from uncle D. and spent the entire first half of the game watching the action at the edge of your seat, cheering as appropriate.

I asked you the next morning what your favorite part of the night was.

You said, Kevin Love.

I should have known!

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