Monday, June 23, 2008

Back At'Er

She's back!

8 days, 5 different places, at least 9 big car rides, three different bedrooms in which to sleep, one amazing "auntie" to cheer on and 13.1 miles of running in the sunshine, 109 faces to look at and swat with wet palms, big-gulp 8oz. bottles, first two teeth, 4 loads of laundry, one bottle of Tylenol, two handles on the sippy cup mastered, one excited puppy later . . .

The lil' dude is home where she belongs.

The Dad and I were thrilled when we rolled into the driveway last night and it was just us. We took the baby around the house to show her the pretty flowers and bird's nest that newly arrived this last week. She found her Exersaucer, the toys, her TV. Her highchair and bibs and best of all, her bed. She exclaimed "wheeee wheeee" as she rolled around in her crib. 8 nights of sleeping in the hard mesh Pack 'n' Play is enough for a lifetime!

This morning she was up before anyone else, quietly playing with her singing puppy in her sunny room. She babbled all the way to daycare this morning, so excited to see her littles. Welcome back, they'll say, we missed you!

Oh, how we did. While the Dad and I enjoyed each other last week, we sure missed her. It's amazing how large the impact one small creature can make. We're going to savor the days too, because in exactly two weeks, she's off to her grandparents for a week. Oh, Miss Popularity! Currently taking reservations for summer 2009 . . .

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